We like to help you with all your questions and problems – as quick as possible.Pls write to:

concerning general questions about participating in tours, cancellations and re-scheduling.

for all questions concerning large groups and special events.

for all inquiries concerning (gift) coupons/vouchers (which we gladly send to you via snail-mail … sry , no downloadable coupons unfortunately)

‘Behind’ those addresses you will reach our Guides, who are in charge of preparing and delivering the tours – thus they are most knowledgeable and can help you best. Since they are gliding frequently, reachability via phone is so unpredictable, that we don’t provide any phone numbers. We will come back to you via mail within 24 hours – in most cases we will be even quicker (and sometimes it might take longer)

For general questions, our colleagues from the Linz Tourist-Information might be able help you too. You can reach them at +43 732 7070 2009.