A GLIDING City Experience

With the Segway PT® you experience much ‘more city’ than ever before. Effortlessly you are gliding through the  historic city centre of Linz, up mount “Pöstlingberg” or along the banks of the Danube.

Chose between a “LinzTour” to many highlights of the former culture capital (Lentos Art Museum, AEC Electronic Arts Centre, the medieval Castle and the cathedral’s square), a “BergTour” (Mountain Tour) guiding you up to Mount Pöstlingberg with many  fascinating views over Linz, a “NaTour” to experience the fields and meadows just a few kilometers to the west of the inner city and the “DonauTour” gliding alongside the river Danube, showing you Urfahr and the University Campus with the Science Park.

Each tours  takes around 2.5 hours including half an hour, during which your guide will train you for a smooth Segway ride.

Our “MiniaTour“, a small teaser-tour is another option. It will give you a short 75 minutes impression how lovely gliding through a city can be. The MiniaTour takes you to the Danube, up to the Castle and through the the spiffy shopping mile at “Landstraße” or it may serve as the perfect beginning of a delightful evening in Linz. But beware: the time will fly and before you know it the fun will already come to an end – it’s just a small first taste of a fascinating experience.

For those who really want to get out of the town, we offer the  “PartiTour“, a fascinating (and not too challenging) Offroad-Tour following the ‘Symphony Hiking Trail‘ between the Anton Bruckner Center in Ansfelden and the Monastery of St. Florian.